BM8304 - Beam Monitor 8304

Low S/N ratios and a high sensor response linearity are prime attributes of the sensor employed in this Metrolux beam profiler. The Software provides the functions required for the international standards EN-ISO 11145, 11146, 11670 and 13694 that cover aspects of laser light characterization. The beam profiler camera BPC8304 uses a 1.4 MPixel CCD sensor  with square pixels of 6.45 µm size. The wavelength range of 340 to 1100 nm allows the analysis of all common laser wavelengths. The data interface is Gigabit Ethernet (GigE). As most computers already provide a GigE interface (as opposed to Firewire) there is generally no need to add separate inteface cards. The cable length can easily reach up to 100 m, facilitating the integration into production systems.



Technical specifications