Frequently measurement systems are integrated into other systems or processes. This leads to a high importance of the compatibility of the data acquisition to other user interfaces. The remote control interface included with the Metrolux software bundles allows a straightforward integration into production processes as well as the generation of customer-specific GUIs. A variety of functions for data processing and report generation are already available.

The beam profiling and image processing software Beamlux is designed for the analysis of cw and pulsed laser beams. Parallel to each image acquisition the parameters derived from the beam’s intensity distribution are evaluated. The analysis conforming to the international ISO standards provides all essential functionalities of beam profile analysis. Further functions such as spot tracking and various zoom and display options make this software bundle ideally suited for focus measurement. Optional modules such as the M²-Tool or Power Tool provide optimized solutions for caustic measurement or relative power measurement.

The software bundles Linescan and Beamscan provide a tool for the analysis of extensive beam profiles such as line foci. These can extend to lengths of multiple meters combined with high resolution line widths. The optimized algorithms in these software bundles allow a high precision measurement of the beam homogeneity. The integrated motor control facilitates the scanning of long laser line foci.

The Raylux software is Metrolux’ tool for wave front analysis. It is designed for the evaluation of Shack-Hartmann data and the fit of all Zernike coefficients. This way the characterization of optics and beam quality monitoring can be easily achieved.